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Feral Burn


Feral Burn is a Finnish Hard Rock-trio that was formed in Helsinki
in early 2007. The band are known for their live energy, strong riffs, and
catchy vocal melodies. Feral Burn’s music style can be considered
as “American Hard Rock” and is strongly influenced by legendary
70’s and 80’s artists such as AC/DC, Mötörhead, Led Zeppelin,
Van Halen and The Cult.
Feral Burn has toured a lot in their home country. Over 100
shows in various clubs and festivals. Including Helsinki’s best
venues such as On The Rocks and Nosturi. 2014 saw their first tour abroad with 11 shows over North Eastern China.

Band Members:

Mark Tuomela – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Pasi Yli-Paavola – Bass and Backing Vocals
Jouni Pehkonen – Drums and Backing Vocals



Music Videos:




contact.feralburn@gmail.com +358 40 505 8212